Traffic. Everybody cares about it, complains about it, gets stuck in it… We’re Here to Help Your Commute!

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WNAV continually strives to improve upon the traffic information available to our listeners. In addition to our professional radio traffic reporting network, WNAV, 1430AM and 99.9FM in the City, calls upon the largest traffic reporting resource in the region, our WNAV listeners, to assist with what is consistently one of this area’s largest daily difficulties.

Every day, you, our listeners are in a position to be the eyes and ears of traffic occurrences throughout our listening area. Each listener can be a part of Traffic Scan 1430. Call in on-the-scene descriptions of traffic problems to the WNAV Studio Line 410-267-7777.

No other service can provide the same opportunity to have so many “on-location reporters” out in the field actually reporting on the traffic troubles they are experiencing. This is truly interactive community radio.

Listen for and join the team of Scanners reporting for Traffic Scan 1430. Together, we can make a difference!

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