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Gold at Night
12:00am - 6:00am
Gold at Night

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Annapolis City Council holds special meeting tonight


CA-1-23 Finances - Third Party Indebtedness and Bonds - To allow the City of Annapolis to issue Third Party bonds, generally related to City bond authority. 

O-6-23 City of Annapolis Cellular Antenna Lease with New Cingular Wireless - To update and extend the City's lease with New Cingular Wireless for a cellular antenna on top of the City water tower on Janwall Street.lf explanatory

O-9-23 Adequate Public Facilities - Mitigation of Police Protection Level Certification Requirements - Add a mitigation section for the Adequate Police Protection criteria and certification criteria set in Chapter § 22.14; and generally related to Review Criteria and Certification for Adequate Police Protection under Adequate Public Facilities in Title 22. -This ordinance adds a mitigation section to the Adequate Police Protection criteria and certification criteria set in Chapter 22.14. The Chief of Police already performs these mitigation steps, but this codifies them as meeting the APF requirements if the ratio of 3.1 cannot be met. The city has not met requirements for years

R-8-23 Annual Statement of Performance Standards - To approve the annual performance statements filed by City agencies and departments, a work that's still in progress.

Legislative Action
First Readers

O-10-23 Allowing Cigar Lounges to Serve Alcoholic Beverages - To define a Cigar Lounge as a unique category of Tobacco Shop; and allowing cigar lounges to serve alcoholic beverages in conjunction with the consumption of premium cigars, pipe tobacco, and related products; and generally related to tobacco shops. This would accommodate a cigar shop on Main Street that plans to convert its upper floor into a lounge. The special exception process currently only gave use of 25% of floor area to the establishment.

R-13-23 Third-Party Bond Fees - For the purpose of setting the City of Annapolis fees regarding bonds issued by the City on behalf of a third party by the adoption of CA-1-23; and generally related to bond issuance.- Companion resolution to related Charter Amendment CA 1-23 above.

R-15-23 Fees Schedule Updated for Milestone Inspections Ordinance 55-22 - To set Milestone Inspection fees as adopted in O-55-22, Title 17 § 08.080(D). - This resolution adds a milestone inspection fee to the FY 2023 fee schedule. (if referenced Ordinance is passed) The proposed fee is $300 per milestone inspection.

R-16-23  Filing of Grant Application with the Maryland Department of Transportation Maryland Transit Administration (MDOT MTA) - To authorize the Annapolis Transportation Department to file an application with the Maryland Transit Administration of the Maryland Department of Transportation for a Section 5303, 5304, 5307, 5309, 5310, 5311, 5316 and/or 5317 grant(s) under the Federal Transit Act for a total amount of $4,417,941, consisting of $2,540,064 for fixed route transit operations; $156,627 for Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) complementary paratransit services; $720,000 for the purchase of two small battery electric buses (replacement), $470,250 for equipment repairs and maintenance; $76,500 for the purchase of one set of mobile lifts, $360,000 for roof replacement, and $94,500 technical assistance grant for Transit Development Plan. - This resolution will endorse the filing of a critical grant with MDOT for transit operations and the purchase of building equipment for FY 2024.

R-17-23 - Support for Anne Arundel County Food Bank's Supplemental State Funding Request - To support a request by the Anne Arundel County Food Bank for an additional $1,375,130.00 in state funding to purchase food, support salaries of warehouse workers and drivers, and buy a new refrigerated truck.

R-18-23 - Non-Profit Vendors During Fall 2023 Boat Shows - To authorize sales by certain vendors in the City Dock area of the Historic District during the Fall 2023 U.S. Sailboat and Powerboat Shows.

R-19-23 - 2023 Annapolis Pride Parade and Festival - Waiver of Fees - To identify the Annapolis Pride Parade and Festival as a City-supported event on June 3, 2023, and waive specific related City fees for that event.  This adds the Annapolis Pride Parade and Festival to the approved list of Fiscal Year 2023 City-supported events, 

Second Readers
R-4-23 - Skipjack Wilma Lee - Docking Fee Waiver - To waive the fees for docking the Chesapeake Bay skipjack, Wilma Lee, at the Annapolis City Dock March 31-April 2, 2023, in celebration of “Maryland Day.” 

R-12-23 Itinerant Merchant Sales in the Historic District - 2023 - To authorize hawker, peddler, and itinerant merchant sales in the Historic District in conjunction with certain special events during the calendar year 2023. 

R-6-23 Director of Recreation and Parks - To confirm the appointment of Roslyn Johnson as the Director of the Department of Recreation and Parks and consent to compensate the Director. 

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